Tehnical data

Products in the AutAP range

  • (AEU232) Room Controller - Controller for Air Conditioners and other electric loads. It is mounted in an electrical distribution box where it has access to the network.
  • (AEU243) SOLO - A climate control unit with built-in base station. Suitable for quick installation, it is mounted directly next to the indoor unit of the air conditioner.
  • (AEU235) Window / Door Wireless Contact - serves as a window / door open sensor and reports a status change to the controller.
  • (AEU236) Wireless Pendant Stacker - Used to monitor guest presence in a room. It comes complete with a pendant to which the room key is tied.
  • (AEU237) Key Pendant
  • (AEU249) Wireless Temperature Probe - Measures room temperature and sends status to a SOLO device. It is possible to limit the min / max temperature in the room.

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