Simple solutions

AutAP SOLO is a system that controls the operation of climate through wireless sensors. It is especially suitable for very fast installation because it is mounted with the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The SOLO device already has a base station installed and only wireless sensors need to be added to windows / doors. It is also possible to install a wireless key lock if the air conditioning is required when the guest is not in the apartment.

Example: A guest opens a window, the system informs the air conditioner through a wireless sensor that the window is open, the air conditioner waits for a certain amount of time (which is adjustable), and the air conditioner shuts off. As soon as the guest closes the window, the system senses the climate via the wireless window sensors and it turns on again.

An example of a simple SOLO configuration for one air conditioner, 3 windows and doors:

  • (AEU243) SOLO x1     
  • (AEU235) Wireless Window / Door Contact x4

It is also possible to install additional devices such as:

  • (AEU236) Pendant Wireless Stacker - If you want to control the presence of a guest in the room. Works in conjunction with the keychain to which the room key is attached.
  • (AEU237) Key Pendant
  • (AEU249) Wireless Temperature Probe - Measures room temperature and sends data to a SOLO device. Allows limiting the min / max temperature in the room.