EU project

Name of the project

The growth and development of Majur d.o.o. through the design and creation of a production web and online shopping

Project description
This project will realize the following functionalities of the new web:

  • production web AUTAP + web shop,
  • B2B TEMA80 production web site,
  • production web Fire door automation for B2B segment.

New web pages will be developed in 3 versions: computer, tablet and smartphone.
The project will be implemented in several stages such as Conceptual Design, Website Design, Frontend Part Programming and Development, CMS System Implementation and Adjustment, Access Setting, Initial Content Entry, Testing

Objective and expected result of the project

Better and better development of the Applicant's current website will significantly increase the quality of access to its contents, since it will enable current and future buyers of products and services to have quick and easy access through a personal computer, or through an application solution adapted to access pages via mobile phones and tablets;
Simply clicking on the product you want will give the potential buyer detailed information about the same in multiple languages. The incorporation of online shopping is a particularly important item for any economic operator who wants to expand their market beyond the borders of the business entity's country. In this sense, the online store will have the option of ordering products in Croatian kunas or euros, and the possibility of payment through PayPal systems and credit cards will be introduced, and additional options built into the online store will enable the calculation of the shipping price, whereby the future buyer Know in advance the cost of shipping ordered products and services. The process of ordering products and services will be simplified and modernized, which will increase the number of B2B purchases, but certainly also purchases by private individuals.
This will inevitably lead to an increase in the need to recruit new employees who, in addition to existing employees, will be educated to work on the online store, and thus contribute to the economic efficiency of the Applicant..

Expected project results:
1. Increase in applicant income
2. Increase in number of employees
3. Increasing competitiveness
3. Expanding the applicant's capacity and expanding to foreign markets
4. Investing in employee education
5. Increase of Applicant's income

The total value of the project is 131.312,50 HRK
EU co-financing amount HRK 72,835.00

The project implementation period is from October 15, 2018 to October 15, 2019.

Contact person for more information:
Project Manager: Hrvoje Šodan, Director;

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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